Boys are in trouble – or so we are often told. Boy Trouble asks challenging questions about the lives of contemporary boys, and about the popular truisms that frame these lives: Boys are in crisis! Boys will be boys! Certainly some boys might be in trouble, but it's not all the same kind of trouble, and the differences between boys are more interesting than the things they share in common. 

Linking media analysis to social and educational research, the series explores topics such as online misogyny, men’s rights activisms, the experiences of mixed-race boys and boys of colour, boys’ relationship to sex and consent education, and class and identity in elite boys schools, among others. Along the way, the podcast explores ways to tell better stories about boys, and to find new ways of working through the trouble.

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Growing Up Mixed Race

In this episode we talk to Dr Timothy Kazuo Steains about different experiences of growing up as a mixed race Asian boy. Tim takes us through how mixedrace people live...

The Manspreader

A man spreads his legs, a woman writes a post, a boy responds. This week Dr Jessica Kean joins us for a discussion of what can go wrong when feminists tell stories abo...

The Trouble with the Manosphere

This first episode looks at the phenomenon of the manosphere, a broad label for the online networks that connect pickup artists, men going their own way, involuntary c...

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